Memorial Day Quotes

Memorial Day also know as Decoration Day is a federal holiday in United States celebrated in the memory of people who gave their lives to their country.

“Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You — Ask What You Can Do For Your Country.” » John F. Kennedy

“The Legacy Of Heroes Is The Memory Of A Great Name And The Inheritance Of A Great Example.” » Benjamin Disraeli

“Patriotism Is Supporting Your Country All The Time, And Your Government When It Deserves It.” » Mark Twain

“For Love Of Country They Accepted Death.” » James A. Garfield

“Memorial Day This Year Is Especially Important As We Are Reminded Almost Daily Of The Great Sacrifices That The Men And Women Of The Armed Services Make To Defend Our Way Of Life.” » Robin Hayes

“My Fellow Americans, Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, Ask What You Can Do For Your Country.” » John F. Kennedy

“And They Who For Their Country Die Shall Fill An Honored Grave, For Glory Lights The Soldier’s Tomb, And Beauty Weeps The Brave.” » Joseph Rodman Drake

“On Thy Grave The Rain Shall Fall From The Eyes Of A Mighty Nation” » Thomas William Parsons

“True Patriotism Isn’t Cheap. It’s About Taking On A Fair Share Of The Burden Of Keeping America Going.” » Robert Reich

“They Hover As A Cloud Of Witnesses Above This Nation.” » Henry Ward Beecher

“Courage Is Contagious. When A Brave Man Takes A Stand, The Spines Of Others Are Stiffened.” » Billy Graham

“The Dead Soldier’s Silence Sings Our National Anthem.” » Aaron Kilbour

“Four Things Support The World: The Learning Of The Wise, The Justice Of The Great, The Prayers Of The Good, And The Valor Of The Brave.” » Muhammad

“If We Love Our Country, We Should Also Love Our Countrymen.” » Ronald Reagan – Vietnam Veterans Memorial

“There Is Nothing Wrong With America That Cannot Be Cured By What Is Right With America.” » Bill Clinton

“It Doesn’t Take A Hero To Order Men Into Battle. It Takes A Hero To Be One Of Those Men Who Goes Into Battle.” » Norman Schwarzkopf

“You Will Never Do Anything In This World Without Courage. It Is The Greatest Quality Of The Mind Next To Honor.” » Aristotle

“I Only Regret That I Have But One Life To Lose For My Country.” » Nathan Hale

“These Fallen Heroes Represent The Character Of A Nation Who Has A Long History Of Patriotism And Honor – And A Nation Who Has Fought Many Battles To Keep Our Country Free From Threats Of Terror.” » Michael N. Castle

“We Come, Not To Mourn Our Dead Soldiers, But To Praise Them.” » Francis A. Walker

“I Love America More Than Any Other Country In This World, And, Exactly For This Reason, I Insist On The Right To Criticize Her Perpetually.” » James A. Baldwin

“True Patriotism Hates Injustice In Its Own Land More Than Anywhere Else.” » Clarence Darrow – Vietnam Veterans Memorial

“The Greatest Glory Of A Free-Born People Is To Transmit That Freedom To Their Children.” » William Havard

“A Hero Is Someone Who Has Given His Or Her Life To Something Bigger Than Oneself.” » Joseph Campbell

“The Willingness of America’s Veterans To Sacrifice For Our Country Has Earned Them Our Lasting Gratitude.” » Jeff Miller

“A Man’s Country Is Not A Certain Area Of Land, Of Mountains, Rivers, And Woods, But It Is A Principle And Patriotism Is Loyalty To That Principle.” » George William Curtis

“Dead Upon The Field Of Glory, Hero Fit For Song And Story.” » John Randolph Thompson

“The Patriot’s Blood Is The Seed Of Freedom’s Tree.” » Thomas Campbell

“Who Kept The Faith And Fought The Fight; The Glory Theirs, The Duty Ours.” » Wallace Bruce

“I Have Long Believed That Sacrifice Is The Pinnacle Of Patriotism.” » Bob Riley

“The Greatest Way To Live With Honor In This World Is To Be What We Pretend To Be.” » Socrates – Vietnam Veterans Memorial

“On What Rests The Hope Of The Republic? One Country, One Language, One Flag” » Alexander Henry

“Guard Against The Impostures Of Pretended Patriotism.” » George Washington

“The Highest Patriotism Is Not A Blind Acceptance Of Official Policy, But A Love Of One’s Country Deep Enough To Call Her To A Higher Plain.” » George Mcgovern – Vietnam Veterans Memorial