You Complete Me

“You Complete Me”

“It Takes A Million People To Complete The World, But It Only Takes One To Complete Mine.”

“Dreams Do Come True. I Know Cause I Found You.”

“We Go Together Like Copy And Paste.”

“I’M Much More Me When I’M With You.”

“You+Me= Complete”

“To Be With You Is Enough And Nothing Else Will Complete me”

“Baby You Light Up My World Like Nobody Else”

“It takes a million people to complete the world, but it only takes one to complete mine.”

“I Could Say That You Complete Me…But That Would Be A Lie, Because Every Morning When I Wake I Long For You More Than The Day Before.”

“I Just Want You Back In My Arms, I Love Forever And Ever. I Have A Time Limit To Get You Back Before It’S Too Late”

“My Whole Life Has Changed Since You Came In, I’M Glad You Came Into My Life, Baby, You Complete Me.”

“You Make Me Smile, You Make Me Cry, But You Complete Me And I Love You So Much That I Cannot Stop Loving You.”

“When I Miss You, I Don’T Have To Go Far…I Just Have To Look Inside My Heart Because That’S Where I’Ll Find You.””